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Oct 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

There are all kinds of different CBD products on the market, which makes it hard for some people to choose one. In addition to picking a brand you can trust and rely on, it’s important to know about the different categories of CBD. Depending on the process used to create your CBD product, it will be categorized as either full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD Isolate. Learn more about each of these categories to help narrow down your search for the product that appeals to you most.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a natural organic compound found in hemp. It’s a type of cannabinoid but is not to be confused with the popular cannabinoid THC. CBD is not psychoactive or intoxicating, and it doesn’t cause people to fail drug tests. CBD is legal throughout the United States thanks to new legislation from the last few years, commonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is what you find in products that take a full-plant approach to extracting cannabinoids from hemp. All of the cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp will be found in full-spectrum CBD. This makes it especially important to purchase your products from a company that participates in thorough testing to ensure the contents of their CBD extractions. As long as full-spectrum CBD comes from hemp, and not marijuana, it will not have enough THC to get you high or cause problems like failed drug tests.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD is a slightly more refined version of full-spectrum CBD. It still has most of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD is what you get when you put full-spectrum CBD through some additional processes to remove traces of THC. Purging those compounds from the hemp oil will help ensure that there is not any THC present in the CBD products.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate involves an extraction process that is the most different from how full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD are created. As the name implies, CBD isolate is a type of extract where cannabidiol has been isolated from the rest of the plant’s organic compounds. Terpenes, other cannabinoids, and waxes from the plant material are all removed through a process called winterization that helps separate the CBD. These products are the purest, most concentrated form of CBD available.

Which Type of CBD Is Best?

There are definitely some different schools of thought on this, and ultimately it comes down to a personal decision. Here are why proponents of each type of CBD product say that their favorite is the best one:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD – Some say that the whole plant works together, affecting the way CBD interacts with your body in something called the Entourage Effect.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD – It’s almost the same as full-spectrum, but with extra care to make sure there’s no THC.
  • CBD Isolate – This is for people who don’t want anything other than CBD, who aren’t interested in the rest of the organic compounds in hemp, and who want their CBD to be as concentrated as possible.

Buy CBD Products Online

Here at CBD Farmhouse, we have a variety of CBD products to suit your needs. We have both isolate and full-spectrum CBD tinctures in peppermint, and you can also get your CBD isolate tincture in lemon. We even have bacon and salmon flavors in CBD pet tinctures that will appeal to your furry friend. Shop our selection online, or contact us if you have any additional questions.


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